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As a girl who lives 3000miles from her boyfriend, I've found myself saying "The internet gives horrible hugs" MANY times. haha. #Hugglez #InternetHugs

This goes out to each and every My Chemical Romance fan I follow or who follows me. I know how you're feeling.♥

Do you know how many of the few people that know about my infertility have offered me a hug??? Zero!!!! Even when I'm hiding out in another room bawling my eyes out. Not a single one of them has showed any care or compassion!!!

Mis dos amores más grandes. Fabico y Apolo. Gracias por mimarme tanto en un día precioso de verdad. Mil besiños.

"Titles are overrated." Photo found on Imgur. Does this represent Infps correctly?

Sometimes, I think I have absolutely nothing in common with grown-ups.

I dont wanna sleep. That's what I am doing right is cool....

this is so creepy. i took a personality test on out I am an ENFP and I am searching about it now finding all these things. MY FAV ANIMAL IS A BUNNY RABBIT!!!! haha oh lordy, very cool.!