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Nurse Marge in Charge cartoon: This is one of those first year decisions that could influence your entire nursing career.do you challenge the doctor's orders.or simply take Mrs. Gritcher down for her prostate screening.

Yes, this is nursing. This was not in the brochure!

Gee, I think I'll get a job where people curse at me, my feet swell in agony,stress is the norm.and yes, I will find it ironically rewarding. Great Nursing Shirt for your favorite RN or LPN.

Clarify doctors handwriting - only for a select  few of course

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: Sure Doctor, please continue to verbally berate me, while you're on call. All I wanted was to clarify a friggin order you wrote, that read like shitty chicken scratch.

Nursing humor | Nursing Humor!! Gotta Love It!! |

Nursing Humor!! Gotta Love It!!

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We've all had hard to manage patients. What is the most unforgettable (hard to manage) patient you ever had? What happened and what did you do? Click Like if you enjoyed it.

Not Crazy, I work The Night Shift Tee - Front Design

Not Crazy, I work The Night Shift Tee - Front Design

This shirt is suitable for nurses who works hard and sleep less for the people…

Another 2 ½ year and this will be me!

I see hints of wonder woman stemming from the cape, with a dash of old-fashioned pin-up style tattoos mixed in as well