50's Tip-Top Button Curlers. pink flexible vinyl spool pin curlers. I used to play with these at my grandmothers house. I thought they were little wine cups for dolls.

Dream curlers...

Button curlers

My mom would do pin curls at night when I went to bed using Bobbi pins


Pin Curl Clips

Gayla Bobby Pins

wooden thread spools

Pin curls!

PERM CURLERS - 50's Tip-Top Dream Curlers

thread on wooden spools

crushed vinyl!

I had one of these! = Me too!

Pay phone

Electrolux...we still have this and it works great.

My Grandma had these every Christmas.


Chenille Bedspreads

We had city water, but we had elderly aunts who used these.

back in the 70's. I still have mine & put it out every Christmas...

vintage dish soap I am sure it is Vel that made my Norwegian grandmother's kitchen smell like fresh roses.