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50's Tip-Top Button Curlers. pink flexible vinyl spool pin curlers. I used to play with these at my grandmothers house. I thought they were little wine cups for dolls.

Howdy Doody was a kids TV show about Buffalo Bob and his friends..

Lehman's - Retro Kitchen Stools - NEED! What kitchen didn't have this in the 60's??

The Lennon Sisters: Who can forget Lawrence Welk.. Every Saturday night we would all gather around the tv and be glued to it for that hour. I still watch the old shows once in a while. Do you remember when Alice Lon or Long was fired because she showed her knees? Things were very different then. I think we were 10 or 11 year's old.

Vintage pink spaghetti poodle with her puppies. I had ones that forcast the weather when they changed colours

Silly Sand... one of those inventions by someone who obviously had no kids! "Let's make sand art in the kitchen, and hope it stays in one place!" (kind of what many moms think of the creator of Play Doh) ...Actually, it was an amazingly fun craft, and one that I remember fondly as a favorite!

Yes, I am this old! I still have two Bobbsey Twins books. *I still have "...In The Land of Cotton"

1960s Mohair cardigan....I had a pink one and loved it!

Beautiful hissing steam heat pieces of art...Mom used to put coffee cans filled with water on top to "get some humidity in the air" on dry winter days