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  • Lizzy Bryant

    water and sumi ink. high speed photography by shinichi maruyama. It's a long shot, but high-speed photography is on my Photo Bucket List!

  • Anitka Walicka

    Shinichi Maruyama has established a name for himself by capturing paint in it's "live" essence. The artist paints by tossing the ink and water in in various patterns, where they are then captured by the camera lens. What we are left with is a beautiful moment where paint and time collide.

  • Lily Casablanca

    work of Japanese artist Shinichi Maruyama, who uses inks, paints and high-speed photography to capture the collision of colour and time.

  • shair

    Shinichi Maruyama #performance #shinichimaruyama

  • Leonardo Porrés

    "Kusho" #01 __ Photography: Shinichi Maruyama __ #inspiration #creativity #concept #art #art_direction #digital #photography #digital_photography #schinichi_maruyama #kusho #painting #mixed_media #abstract #texture #brucesilversteingallery

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