I want them all!

Antique wine carrier

Seltzer Bottles

seltzer bottles

seltzer bottles

c. 1900's ~ Blue

~ Bottle Collection ~My Great Aunt use to have a glass shelf in her Kitchen window and she placed several colored bottles there. I had a elderly neighbor as a child that said the bottles you root things in should always be colored bottles, she believed the darker tints were more cohesive of an atmosphere to root in. I always root in antique colored glass bottles.

Seltzer bottles

vintage bottles

Vintage Seltzer Bottles - main

Antique apothecary bottles

I'd love to have these bottles.

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old french bottles

Old Seltzer bottles

Oude chiffonflessen


vintage blue glass apothecary bottles - I love collecting old remedy bottles :)

Antique seltzer bottles from Argentina make great bar-ware decoration. Many unique designs available. For decorative purposes only. 10.5" tall

for the love of vintage silver