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Mariel Clayton created a morbid series of photos featuring Barbi dolls doing some very bad things. photos by Mariel Clayton

Is it ever ok to invite an ex "friends with benefits" to your wedding? What if your spouse did the same? Read my thoughts in today's blog here: http://www.kisw.com/pages/11281358.php?pid=387725

Friends-with-benefits (FWBs) are quite popular among U. college students—about report at least one FWB at some point in their life. Most of these relationships end without turning into long-term romantic affairs.

Why is this so funny? Lol

We Orthodox have a tradition that after the Nativity Fast, we like to decorate the beard of our men with tiny Christmas tree ornaments." like decorated beards.

Anatomical Barbie: Little Girls, Look Away.

Anatomical Barbie: Little Girls, Look Away.

Artist Jason Freeny has made Barbie Anatomy Model, a sculpture that dissects and exposes what might be inside a Barbie doll. Prints are available to purcha

Bad Zombie Barbie

35 Deranged Dolls

deranged dolls - The amount of deranged dolls available today is increasing at an alarming rate. These creepy toys are less appropriate for tots than the traditiona.


Minimum wage Barbie

Funny pictures about Minimum wage Barbie. Oh, and cool pics about Minimum wage Barbie. Also, Minimum wage Barbie photos.