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This is a rare treat for me, and I pray for you as well. This is an automaton made for Marie Antoinette around 1780, it is made from her clothing and hair. The beautiful automaton is named ”La Joueuse de Tympanon”, or “The Dulcimer Player”. She can play eight different songs by changing the disc beneath the costume. After the revolution, she was badly damaged, but repaired in the 1800’s and now resides in a museum in France.

Demonstration of Queen Marie Antoinette's Automaton playing one of eight melodies it can perform. David Roentgen (1743--1807) took his royal patron by surprise when he delivered this beautiful automaton to King Louis XVI for his queen, Marie Antoinette, in 1784.

A wax head depicting Marie Antoinette ‘after the guillotine,’ possibly made after or from a wax head mold created by Madame Tussaud.

General George Washington's Suit 18th Century Worn by George Washington on the day of his inauguration, April 30, 1789. It was not worn during the ceremonies, but sometime during that day.

"Bonjour la France" - Carte de France illustrée - Charlotte Klein - L'Affiche Moderne

Arm Reliquary of Charlemagne - The bones of Charlemagne's right forearm are contained in this arresting reliquary made in 1481 AD. Aachen Cathedral treasury - Germany World Heritage site

This arm chair once belonged to Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette's monogram (MA) is engraved at the top of the chair. It is unknown which of Marie Antoinette's palaces this chair came from, though it greatly resembles those from Saint-Cloud. It is currently held at the Victoria and Albert Museum

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Musée d'Orsay

Musée d'Orsay. Paris- December 2015.

Marie Antoinette, 1780s Marie Antoinette popularized the plain white linen dress in the 1780s. The dress was often worn with a decorative ribbon sash that cinched the waist and a hat, decorated with feathers, ribbons and other little pieces of extravagance. The trend spread through the French aristocracy like wildfire - even Antoinette's arch-rival, Madame du Barry, was painted in a similar pastoral costume. Unfortunately for Antoinette, this loose, informal dress was seen as…