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  • Leah Iliff

    I don't really like the poem (it don't rhyme...) but this is such a cute idea for a gift to give to a kid when they graduate!

  • Patrice Force

    Cute idea! Create a secret book where each teacher the child has writes a secret note. Give as a graduation present. Even could add class picture by the teacher's note.

  • Sandra Wallis

    graduation present; have teachers sign it throughout kids life. perfect wording to explain to teacher. I need to remember to do this!

  • Melanie Faulkner

    Super cute idea. Graduation gift for your kids that you start in Kindergarden.

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I was planning on doing this for the kidlets and this is the perfect wording to go along with the book!

Awesome idea with Dr. Suess' Oh The Places You'll Go! Take into your child's teacher at end of year for them to sign and write a note to your child, then give to child at high school graduation!

Shadow box with the "coming home" outfit, first foot prints, first photos, medical bracelets, etc. Adoption version: Coming home outfit, plane tickets, itinerary, first pictures together.

must remember to do this someday for my kid's graduation announcements :)

This is such a great idea for parents or even grandparents - wonderful treasures & memories...... Two Naps By Noon: Early Graduation Gift For Baby

Great idea to help remember your little one's first year.

this is a really neat way to track it...maybe a dry erase board instead of chalk board?...then add some fabric around edges like a window to "frame" it and make it look pretty-r?!

Sweet... Early Graduation Gift For Baby ~ Do it at the end of each school year starting with kindergarten. Grandchild?

This is such a cute idea! Would be cute for a milestone birthday - 13, 18, 21 :)

Starting in Kindergarten, put the child's graduation year on a large T-Shirt. Take a picture each year with the same shirt to watch the child grow into the shirt. Display at graduation party.

Design one of these for each birthday til they're 18. bound in a book for a present.