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me when i'm being salty over something stupid and then defending why i'm salty only in that particular moment in time as if it really makes a difference from every other day i'm salty

the doc says i actually have a salt deficiency so

{RD} We were sitting on the bench outside of school waiting for the morning bell to ring. My legs were laying across his legs and he just kissed me. I kissed him back and it was the first time we had ever made out or even kissed each other. He put his hands around my waist and slid me closer. People were cheering as they pasted us.

photography death blood quote depressed depression sad lonely self harm self hate dead empty razor tear selfharm selfhate

dark shots of some of the structures in Craigtoun

creepy Halloween Alice In Wonderland spooky eerie back and white

Sherlock Holmes, Photograph, Key, Dark, Silent Hill, Jason Todd, Lost Girl, Paradox, Freeze

to eve from steve

to eve from steve