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I think carousels are so beautiful and seem really Victorian funfair.I love the horses and stunning lights as well as the detailed patterns.

Oh the hours I spent on the swings as a girl, feeling the wind against my face, dreaming the dreams of glorious adventure.

This reminds me of that abandoned amusement park by the dried-up lake. You know I always want to go explore it. Somehow I feel drawn there.


Daily Inspiration #671

#Ballon Ma Botte Secrète, it's also a blog a full of good ideas, unusual addresses and last trends... (Only in French, for the moment !).

I've danced on the bar but I never got to do this... I can dream, can't I?

This picture represents the element of art, space. You can really tell that the Ferris wheel is farther behind the swings at the fair or carnival. You can tell that because the swings are layered on top of the Ferris wheel.

"They were sitting, they were sitting in the strawberry swing...And every moment was so precious..."

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