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View from St. Paul's Cathedral, son climbed the 1500+ steps to the top in 2009 when we went there...said view was amazing!

Near Temple Church, London; would ❤レo√乇 ღ...❥ a downsized version of this with the scrolled 'H', & address numbers on gate door; Add an owl shilouette to deter bird poo factor:)...>:K.A.H.

Great Friends, Great Nights out, Many Many Memories, From Love Hate relationship to just LOVE. London!

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Include the following in a 12 minute free write: Time adjective: 1:50_____ (AM/PM or a.m./p.m.) Color adjective: tan_____(noun) **Standards: W5, L2, L3 Lesson source: (Clock link shown below) Kensington Station, London

City of Westminster, London (by MomentaryShutter on Flickr)

London, Piccadilly Circus. I lost a gold bracelet near here when I was with my boyfriend at the time (we were in touch until he passed away in a motorcycle crash a few years back) that had an inscription from my 1986 summer in Spain with Spanish friends.

The Big Ben Clock Tower of London via Flickr. One of the Famous Spots for tourists. Visit Europe and get our CHEAP FLIGHT Promo.. Up tp 80% discount!

London bus, can see Harry Potter on his midnight bus..=D

London, England, UK ...quirkiest place I have ever been... I can't tell when the English are sarcastic, serious or when it is appropriate to laugh. I found myself laughing at all inappropriate moments. (not far off from my character)

Tower Bridge, London, UK. Impressive was my first thought, and then I realized the HISTORY and was MORE impressed!