Bella has a field trip today and needed a throw-away lunch. We did have brown paper bags, but no plastic baggies, so I packed everything in a plastic basket the grape tomatoes came in, lined with a coffee filter.

Disposable Field Trip Lunches - served in disposable containers (with packing instructions)

Field Trip Day!! Which means, disposable lunch day :( A Dolphin ham/cheese sandwich, red/yellow grape tomatoes, strawberry applesauce, 2 s'mores and some dried cranberries and walnuts.

forget the little kids, i'm going to use these ideas when I have to pack a lunch for work!

Packed Lunch Box Ideas (Free Printable). Print this list out & hang on the refrigerator for easy packing!

Treat box for traveling. one per kid, no refills


Printable Menu Plan for the entire month with Budget Friendly Meals on

snowman lunch

Make lunch for the week – pack ahead and save time | packed with @EasyLunchboxes

Create a healthy snack drawer for the fridge. Need to do this!

Laura, Chief Mom of Momables , packs lunches on Sunday for the whole week! She wraps sandwiches with a moist paper towel to prevent the bread from drying out. See 170 more ideas for packing kid lunches!

Track and Field day lunch

5 Ideas for FUN sack lunches. We're back to school and getting creative with sack lunches. #lunchbox #backtoschool #healthy #kids

4 Growing Boys: School lunch ideas--great ideas. Pack on weekends. Ready for the week. Jello right into the container to set up. Lots of quick tips, even if you don't use these containers.

Caramel Apple Slices // Look at how incredibly cool and simple this is!

BentOnBetterLunches: Domo Bento for Bella

Fall & Halloween lunches ideas - packed in #EasyLunchboxes

Wow..I am pretty sold on this....171 healthy lunch ideas that aren't all sandwiches. with pictures and descriptions.

How to make a healthy lunch box. Recipes for packing, quick, simple and easy lunch boxes for kids and adults. Do it yourself cheap, diet meals to go.