Bella has a field trip today and needed a throw-away lunch. We did have brown paper bags, but no plastic baggies, so I packed everything in a plastic basket the grape tomatoes came in, lined with a coffee filter.

Pig onigiri bento. #bentoforboys

A plastic 12-cup mini-muffin-type tray that had once housed some Trader Joes mini quiches. I cut it in half and made a pumpkin patch field trip bento.

Turkey & cheese salad, grapes, and #homemade chocolate chip cookies. Packed in an #EasyLunchboxes box.

Use sandwich containers

4 Growing Boys: School lunch ideas--great ideas. Pack on weekends. Ready for the week. Jello right into the container to set up. Lots of quick tips, even if you don't use these containers.

This lady has gone 400 days packing lunches for her and her family! Makes packed lunches not look boring!! tons of ideas!

5 Ideas for FUN sack lunches. We're back to school and getting creative with sack lunches. #lunchbox #backtoschool #healthy #kids

EASY Work lunches that you'll love! packed with @EasyLunchboxes

BentOnBetterLunches: Budget Bento

20 Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas for Kids! | packed in @EasyLunchboxes containers

Packing a school lunch. Tips and suggestions - making it easy for mom, dad and older kids to pack their lunches.

How to pack the perfect picnic lunch everyone will love! #caprisunmomfactor #ad

Grape caterpillars with frosting/chocolate chip eyes.

Sandwich Free Lunch Box Ideas and Other Tips | packed in @EasyLunchboxes containers

Sandwich free lunch box ideas kids LOVE! | packed in @EasyLunchboxes containers

Laura, Chief Mom of Momables, packs lunches on Sunday for the whole week! There are 173 pictures of 173 "Momable" lunch ideas!!

Dozens of photos of kids' lunches packed in Yumbox bento boxes.

This is such an awesome site! This lady documented every lunch she packed for her child. And they are all different and healthy! Way to go!

Great idea for the kid's lunches!