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Unfinished Work Tip: Worksheets no longer get lost or forgotten with this attractive solution. Give each student a magnetic clip for her desk and have her attach any unfinished work to her clip. Not only will she know where to find the paper to finish it, but it's easy to estimate how many students need to complete an assignment.

educationofali: from-student-to-teacher: Absent Bin…an easy way to make students responsible for getting make-up work (I already do this!!!) I make my students come to me and ask for their assignments. I have a folder at my desk where everything goes. Any extra copies go to the “extra copies” bin by the door. This might make for a more independent classroom though! Great idea about how to deal with absent students.

Beaded number rods for subtraction! Great visual for students with special needs. Adding concrete materials when performing simple operations, helps build number sense to ensure students are relating quantities to symbols (numbers). For this and more great ways to use beads and pipe cleaners in your math lesson, go to:

I want to put one of these in my room, but with a folder behind each title. In the folders I would put various blank outlines, special drafting paper, peer editing sheets, editing mark cards, etc.