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I want to be able to say this! Honestly.

fit quote: I am a runner. I run in rain or shine. light or darkness. I run until I cry, collapse, or until I feel like I cannot go on. And then I run another mile. because I am a runner. I am unstoppable, unbeatable, untouchable

<3 "I always tell beginning runners: TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FIRST ... it's much more important than your heart or legs." ~ Amby Burfoot

I always tell beginning runners: train your brain first; it's much more imporant than your heart or legs.

No offseason

A runner has no off season." However, it's still important to cross-train and take some off-days during the week to keep your fitness routine fresh and prevent injury and burnout/overtraining.

run quotes | run art | running inspiration #inspiredmovement #livelovemove #oursoleintent

run quotes | run art | running inspiration #inspiredmovement #livelovemove #oursoleintent

Wilma Rudolph #running #motivationalquotes #quote

Wilma Rudolph, first American woman to win three gold medals in the summer Olympics.

FEED YOURSELF! You need the nutrients necessary to keep you going throughout the day and throughout your LIFE!

Feed true! Everybody needs a different Amount of calories a day! For example if you are trying to lose weight your goal should be between 1200 and 1500 calories a day! Don't forget to exercise:)