Baby shower game: Guess my belly size...cute way to do the traditional game. she would kill us if we did it.. but i like how they pre wrapped the string vs waiting forever for people to cut string

Baby shower game

Baby shower game!

Guests cut the piece of string to the length they believe represents the mothers growing belly. Wrap each guests' piece of string around moms belly to see who is closest.

This would be really sweet to show the baby later in their life :D , not really a game ... but something to make the mom to be smile :D

Diaper Game Idea

Baby Shower Game - Guess the Distance - Measure Mom's Tummy. $12.00, via Etsy.

Baby shower game!- Size up "expectant mother's name here" belly!

Baby shower game - match baby-related word with candy

Baby shower ideas

Baby Shower Game

funny baby shower games.. You never know when you'll have to plan one!

Baby Shower Game - each bag contains a baby item beginning with that letter - guests try to guess the item in the bag - most correct guesses wins a prize!

Baby shower game idea

Baby shower game

Funny baby shower idea.. get people to pose with their gender guess.. can also send to the photo back to them in thank you cards

baby shower game ...

Price is right baby shower game - Card with the Item Name on one side and the price of the item on the other. Guests try to guess the price of the item.

Baby Shower Games

Baby shower game - guess the puree!

Top 20 Best Baby Shower Games we did the guess a baby from the picture game which was fun!