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19 favorite garden cottages and sheds | Recycled retreat | Sunset.com

20 Favorite Garden Cottages & Sheds

Recycled retreat - Favorite Backyard Sheds - Sunset I'm dreaming of a big piece of property and my own little solitude

I want to leave here with Mr. Owl and have tea and honey with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

Awesome Tree House, Very Hobbit Like! Tree House, Novosibirsk, Russia photo via wordup

♥ ॐ ♥

Was this little rustic beauty ever a small grist mill on a family farm? Never mind, now it has become a gorgeous backdrop for a spectacular garden. The natural feature of flowing water adds additional charm to the setting and tranquility from its murmur.

This is one of a handful of tiny fairy homes in the Secret Garden at the Renaissance Festival in Minnesota.

Snow White Garden House We don’t know much about this magical garden house set in the woods, but we expected to see Doc, Dopey, and Grumpy in the picture.

natural playscapes | Nest treehouse!! | natural playscapes

Kids Garden - Bird's Nest Tree House (Reminds me of Peter Pan--fun! :D )

Can you say, "camouflaged"? Turf homes in Iceland

Icelandic Turf Houses - These hobbit houses sure do know how to go green,

love this little cob house

The Hobbiton Movie Set is built on a farm in North Island, near Matamata, New Zealand. The Hobbiton Movie set was built in complete blend with the existing