boat hull house

"Put out to pasture after service at sea, herring boats were halved and boarded for second careers as fisherman's sheds on Holy Island, also called Lindisfarne.

Amazing whimsy.

Low impact woodland home built by Simon Dale in Wales. It took 4 months to build and move in. Dale estimates man hours and to build; roughly m excluding labour.

Repurposed fishing boats ~ now storage sheds. Fishing vessels no longer fit for the sea make stunning rustic roofs for storage sheds in the UK. Already water-tight, the vessels are flipped upside down and sliced on one side to allow installation of a door.

Boats to Bags, Beds & Buildings: 17 Repurposed Vessels

Lindisfarne shed ( Old boat hull) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Someone has used abandoned wooden boat hull for a roof! Very sensible roof design from Britain's Lindisfarne Island, where extreme winds make short shrift of lesser roofs.

Run aground? Boat shed.

Have you ever thought of making a boat part of your garden decor? To bring a small dinghy or dory to your backyard?

Upside Down Boats Repurposed As Beautiful Sheds (Photos) : TreeHugger

Upside Down Boats Repurposed As Beautiful Sheds (Photos)

Large Fairy House | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Large Fairy House This one appears to be nearly playhouse size. It also might be more of a Hobbit house than a Fairy house, but regardless it's cute as it can be.

Wooden boat homes (upside down fishing boats) In Lindisfarne, Great Britain

Wooden boat huts made from upturned fishing boats, Lindisfarne, Northumbria