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Special delivery of cute cat in box! #funny #locve #adorable #hug #sweet #heart #lolcat

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"I'm watchin' my stories". Hahahaha. That is too cute.

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I am a cat and I can sleep wherever I want

I'm a cat and I sleep wherever I want

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Neighborhood Watch Program

Kittens love sandals. Check out those huge eyes!!!! Maybe because of bad foot odor on the sandal???? lol

The Cat Table of the Felis Catus features 40 cat pedigree breeds recognized by The Cat Fanciers Association in the Championship Class.

(kitty,cat,kitten) This one makes me laugh every time I look at her/him.

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How to Drink Water When You Hate Water


#Kittens peeking out of small hole in a brick wall. These babies are so #cute one just wants to cuddle with them. Have a good day #CatLovers. ~Me


Overprotective moms…

"I don't care what they broke. Don't you Dare yell at my little Marshmallows. " Lolll..... #funny animals #Animal - humor #adorable

Funny Sleeping Animals | Cute Sleeping Animal Pix | Video of Funny Animals Sleeping laughingcrw

kitty I'm a little solitary feline. Female, I'm talking about female. #singlefeline ... kitty-cat #meow #kittycat