A Soninke woman paints the wall of her house in Djajibine, Mauritania

soninke women, djajibinni mauritania

Geometric painted dwellings from the village of Tiébélé located in Burkina Faso, West Africa

A woman painting a kolam in Tamil Nadu, India.

Danse, festival du Zanzan, Ivory Coast

Senegalese Woman - West Africa

Patrick Dougherty shapes living trees into amazing natural tree buildings.

woman walking past a cloth made of pieced saris

Chinese Woman


Samburu woman profile - Kenya

Arbore Woman - Dubab Omo - Ethiopia

Luzon Woman 1870-1914. Amazing beauty.

Rabari woman. India. Photo credit Mitchell Kanashkevich.

Fine art installation translucent fragments that have words stitched on them pinned to gallery wall mixed media sculpture printmaking san francisco

Africa, Peul/Fulani woman

Now here's something you don't see everyday. Dogon Africa mask dance. Mali | African culture

Yakut woman, Yakutistan, Russia.

Louise Bourgeois - The founder of a branch of modern art known as Confessional Artwork, Louise Bourgeois was herself not validated by the contemporary art world until 1981 despite being heavily involved since the early 1950s. Her work is unabashadly feminine and often political touching on "womanly" subjects such as Aids awareness and LGBT rights. Most prominently her work is not pretty. To be a woman artist making "grotesquely feminine" work that is accepted by the art world is a huge feat....


What a beautiful smile on a beautiful woman.