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    YES! This is one thing I love while I continue my studies of Art History. The majority of naked women were NOT skinny. In fact the majority of women in paintings were Big, plus size, big bells, rolls, round, BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I wish the world still viewed women the same way!

    When, I ask you? WHEN?!

    Mom Doesn't Know What's Going On

    I wish society still saw women like this!


    Samsung just won my admiration… that's pretty awesome!

    LOOK HOW MUCH FUN WE ARE HAVING HA HA HA WE LOVE OUR FUNNY SALAD SO FUCKING MUCH HA HA HA...... I can not decide which is my favorite. I think maybe the girl laughing and eating a salad in the woods by herself, she seems real stable.

    Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics hahaha how adorable! I love seeing children and their pets being besties! Brings such a smile to my face seeing the love between humans and animals, and the bond they share!



    made me laugh..

    . Why does rpatt seemed soo surprised he has a hater" ?


    #13 happens to me all the time