YES! This is one thing I love while I continue my studies of Art History. The majority of naked women were NOT skinny. In fact the majority of women in paintings were Big, plus size, big bells, rolls, round, BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I wish the world still viewed women the same way!

OMG this made me laugh!

i literally laughed out loud at this.

She's A Social Butterfly, She's Socially Awkward | Best Friends Shirts... Reminds me of my cousin Olivia and I


I think I need this.

oh my goodness gracious, so true hahaha!

Oh no she didn't.



Oh great! I'm an awkward fucktard, married to a perverted psychopath with a neurotic bitch for a son - muwhahahaha!! .... Lol its better than being a whiny bimbo with a moody jerk :)

Funny Baby Outfit...

Funny Texting Fail!! Funny Friday Stuff (25 Photos) -

LOL. Women. We're crazy.

OMG!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha

After all, what else is a man good for?


hee hee