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    Baby Gift

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    Every baby is a miracle and a gift from God. When you think of the developmental process in utero, the struggles that some parents go through just to conceive a child, and how they grow and develop, its nothing but a Miracle. We have our own Miracle Baby story. Our second child, Trent, had open heart surgery at 6 weeks of age. He was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot at 5 weeks of age. This should have been diagnosed at birth but it was missed, and if the Pediatrician did not notice the purplish tint to him at the 5 week check up, he would have ended up passing away in his sleep due to insufficient oxygen. The Miracle is that it was caught and that my baby boy was saved. He is doing great now and will have periodic surgeries over his lifetime, but by the Grace of God he is here with us today. Colors are Organic cotton **Items Ships within 1-2 weeks**