There's always one

You'll always be... "I have a girl that... For the longest time has been a what "if" and though it took 13 years to tell her that I'm in love with her... She never replied!!! Though I'm not sad about it, I'm glad I said it, and told her how I felt... She will always be my favorite "What If""---- Sean (bluesrocker6302)

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Letting go

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So true. My life

Wouldn't mind at all...


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And I may have just found him when I least expected it! Can't wait to see where this take us.... My OneLove may have just sent me into the arms of my NewLove...Thank you for showing me what I deserve and that I don't need to settle or share... Love quote - Just turn me on. » Love, Sex, Intelligence

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❥Story of my life!

Actions > Words

I'm in my bed, you're in your bed. One of us is in the wrong place.

miss this kind of craving in life