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Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy Especially When It's Before You Were Even Born~ Poems About Stillbirth And Miscarriage

11 Things NOT to Say to the Mama Expecting Again after a Loss - Pregnancy After Loss Support

11 Things NOT to Say to the Mama Expecting Again after a Loss - Pregnancy After Loss Support Pinning for those who do not realize how hard pregnancy loss is

One woman's story of multiple miscarriage

It Happened to Me: I Had Multiple Miscarriages

My first miscarriage would rip the rug out from under me, alienating me from my own body, and startling me with a grief I never imagined possible The second robbed me of my faith in God’s hand on the universe.

8 reasons why it's NOT "just a miscarriage"

So please, don’t say it’s “just a miscarriage.” Not only does that minimize someone’s legitimate grief, but also it’s just plain wrong. There’s no such thing as “just a miscarriage.

Surviving a Miscarriage or Baby Loss.  This advice can really be applied to any loss!

Surviving a Miscarriage or Baby Loss: Dealing with the Grief

The grief from a miscarriage can be so intense, but often other people don't understand. A look at how much that grief affects you, and how to find peace.

Every feeling. And then some.

- Thankfully God picked up the pieces for me & although I still ache for my babies with wings in Heaven, I know they are safe in the palm of His hand!

Curtis Wiklund's beautiful illustrations represent the loss of miscarriage.

Dad's poignant sketch shows the heartbreak of miscarriage

Dad’s Heartbreaking Sketch Illustrates The Pain Of Miscarriage - "I couldn’t accurately explain what I was feeling with words.

4 ways to help a friend get through a tough anniversary, e.g. miscarriage, loss of a child, death in the family, etc.

There are so many ways to be there for a friend, but here are four. Ways to Help a Friend Get Through a Tough Anniversary". Excellent for a family/friend surviving anything horrible, like the loss of a child or a death in the family, etc.

We were a family of four, just for a weekend, but I'm so glad we knew about our baby-to-be.

Not Having You Hurts So Much—But I'm So Glad We Knew About You