Поддержание порядка в доме – это непростая задача. Отсутствие хозяйственного помещения в доме может привести к не очень гармонично организованной среде. Хозяйственное помещение это больше, чем просто прачечная. Она несет много функций: стирка, сушка, глажка, хранение бытовой химии и предметов для уборки дома, ремонт одежды и некоторые другие, по потребностям хозяек

what a great idea - take the washer dryer out, rip up that high shelf and put in something user friendly. The Container Store > Platinum elfa Laundry Room

front loaders with countertop & storage above

Creative Laundry Room Storage + Free Labels

love the color - maybe closer to Mint for our laundry room! front loaders with countertop & storage above; colour of my laundry room - paint and white cupboards. Would like that IKEA cart.

Omg how fun!! Never thought of doing something this cute and out going but seriously the laundry room is the only  space thats ALL MINE lol! Might as well make doing laundry as fun as possible! Blue instead of pink

Omg how fun! Love the bubbles and the laundry today or naked tomorrow. I think I would go with a different color love me some pink but my bedroom is already pink and i want every room a different color .

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11 Laundry Room Organization Ideas- Get Your Laundry Area Organized!

hgtv organization ideas | My Notting Hill: Laundry Room Inspiration - My Friend Ann!

Would be a good idea for the laundry room area: take the washer and dryer off the pedestal, put in a countertop for folding, then drop in a few cabinet lights.

Ikea’s organization system comes with adjustable shelves, a folding table, drying bars, moveable clothing racks and hampers that create an airy space.

Furniture can make the room look different. It is the same with the laundry room shelves new look concept. The new design of the laundry room shelves is the

I love how this laundry room features accessible items made gorgeous. The wire shelving is cheap (extra in my garage even) with standard appliances but the final product is so fun.

Hand Painted Floor Mat- Laundry Room Revamp Part 2

11 Creative and Clever Laundry Storage Ideas for Small Spaces I could do maybe one shelf at top, if that. sadly my laundry room has a very low ceiling ~sch - Decoration Art Loft

Laundry room storage

11 Laundry Room Organization Ideas- Get Your Laundry Area Organized!