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    • jMarie

      "I paid attention to the construction signs and got in the correct lane. you ignored them for miles and now you want me to let you in. not gonna happen." haha so annoying and such a big pet peeve of mine.. i seriously hate people that do this! #ecard #funny #true

    • Lorren Portolan

      OH MY WORD! This is one of my biggest pet peeves EVER. And you better believe it ......I won't EVER ON MY LIFE let you in!!!!!!!

    • Jeliesa Tiersma

      I hate people who cut in last minute! biggest pet peeve!!

    • Katie Wheelis

      Drive me nuts! Seriously my biggest pet peeve. My road rage goes into hyperdrive

    • Michelle Anghellic

      Road Rage #ecards

    • Ranee Stewart

      Road rage! This is totally me!!

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    lol XD Yep. This is me ;P

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    Dumbledora the Explorer. LMAO! XD

    They'll be expecting the batmobile. I've got the element of surprise on my side. lmao XD

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    haha so true. I haaaate mornings!

    Oh Eridan XD

    #Win for me! hahaha The best! -> !!!

    Dirk Strider and Rainbow Dash. Such epic cuteness! Ahhh! *dies* ♥

    MATH: Mental Abuse to Humans. haha Yep. True. Even though I'm good at math.

    yep XD haha

    Lol! So true.

    What the author meant.

    This is a very amusing to do list XD I like number 2, 3, and 7 the most.



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    genius haha XD

    haha XD It actually doesn't bother me too much when people send me game requests, but this is funny!


    XD Owlet, Moist Owlet

    "The The Impotence of Proofreading" HILARIOUS! XD