Place a spare key inside a used pill bottle and close the lid. Next, glue a rock onto the surface of the lid and gently place your bottle in the ground. It could be a window box or your front or back yard for a non-obvious way to prevent a lockout.

Everyone who owns a gas stove, pin this!! It works! Mine were absolutely disgusting and I tried everything to clean them. It was so gross how much came off! Definitely the best stove grate cleaner ever.

So much better than giving away tupperware with treats :) This is freakin genius. What a great idea.

glue salt on paper and paint the salt...

Good idea! 50 All-Time Favorite New Uses for Old Things

A Simple Hanging Dish Towel {That Actually Stays Put!} - One Good Thing by Jillee


Diy : Lego Key Hanger

How to Clean Top Loading Washer Machine...awesome since my washing machine has been looking a little funny on the inside lately just didn't know how to i do!

hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high

Rookie RIT Dye Tutorial (If you're thinking of dying any of your belongings, read this first!)

DIY Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray - Eliminate future embarrassments by arming yourself with a bottle of DIY Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray. Just spritz the water 3-4 times before you go and no one will need to know. Go ahead and leave one in every bathroom of your house and toss one in your purse for when the occasion arises. These make great DIY gifts too!

Why didn't I think of this!!! Cover your refrigerator shelf with Saran's Press and Seal Wrap....then when it gets dirty you just peel it off and apply a new piece!! This is genius. LOLOLOL.....perfect !

Repurpose coffee creamer bottles

Put tin foil in a bowl, poor in grease. When it hardens, roll up, throw away. Genius!! Why didn't I think of this?

Pure genius!!

Put a small piece of plastic wrap over the top of the bottle, then screw the cap back on. No leaks in the luggage!...why didn't I think of this?

A binder clip serves as a key chain/money holder you can clamp to your waistband for a purse-free morning walk.

Spiders hate peppermint! Put some peppermint oil in a squirt bottle with a little water and spray your garage and all door frames. - interesting!I knew it helped keep mice away but i didnt know it worked for spiders too, ill have to try it # Pin++ for Pinterest # great-ideas

Recycle an old shampoo bottle into a case for your electronics or sunnies. Just cut off the bottoms of two bottles and slide them together, voila!