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Priceless memories that will forever be remembered...! Too bad the child is scarred for life because of those memories, at least I would think she would be. I know I would be.

Funny Photos, Karl Clements Quote About Cheating With Girlfriend Sister

Nailed it.

I love these. Get me laughing every time



Wat? hahaha

The Funniest For Sale Ad Ever?

I love this.

Original Swag; remember this episode like it was yesterday :']

Okay okay so I think the concept of hipster is stupid, BUTTT I think typing on a typewriter sounds like the BEST. here me out: you get the satisfaction of seeing your words STAMPED, which makes them more emphatic, you get to hit the real keys as you type (sensory/tactile AWESOMENESS) and also if you mess up you can white it out (more dramatic etching out than backspace key, no??)

Make it obvious..

super cool fitness motivation and workout blog


Medical humor. So wrong but so right!!

Image detail for -funny harry potter comic by richtofenluvr cartoons comics traditional ...

Hobbits reunion


Parents who are trolls at heart…