The Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are native to the Pacific Northwest and face an uphill battle since being declared extinct in the wild in the 1990s.

such happy faces!

columbia basin pygmy rabbit


this is truly adorable.

Very Cute Bunny :)

Alice, we've talked about you and the mushrooms...these are not for you, they're for the back up the rabbit hole with you...

Love these adorable drawings of different rabbit breeds!



A baby pygmy marmoset!

Baby rabbit.

I am Baby Bunny! So warm, fluffy and cuddly! Everybody loves you and wants to snuggle with you while watching TV and eating carrots. You are a trusted and loyal friend who will help everybody, as long as it's not during snack time. | Which Baby Animal Are You?

Please, I want! Why can’t my husband understand my desire for an adorable bunny friend!? Some day…

Baby Bunny


Two bunnies sleeping together. Cuteness overload! :D

piglet & rabbit


A tan rabbit rolling around on its back on a human bed.