"Cheater" quilt! Sew squares on a down comforter! :-) love it!

sew squares on a down comforter for a "cheater quilt"

Sew a Tree quilt with initials carved in it. so cute!

This is one for "BEGINNERS" how to make a puff quilt

Little Blip: T-Shirt Quilt with uneven squares. Easy math is her tip: make all sides divisible by 4 (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.) and it will be easy to piece together.

These are SUPER cute burp clothes! Perfect for Beginner sewers! via the thinking closet @Apryl Bradford Stafford Square

10" squares sew patchwork cut out a-line shape = very cute skirt! I keep pinning this...gotta make one!

website for fabric/sewing ideas

Robyn Pandolph.

Upcycled Tshirt Market Bag

Adorable, easy DIY ruffle lamp shade - no sewing.

alternative to knotting the ends on a fleece blanket... interesting...

Quilts made of old baby clothes that way you can keep them forever :)

charm pack

So cute.

Fleece Knot-a-Quilt...What a fun and easy quilt to make with your child or grandchild. I am saving this idea.

4 pillows and fabric: if i ever learn to sew and have a sewing machine

how to make a quilt - for beginners!

Easy to make square bean bags!

I can't believe I've put off making a t-shirt quilt for so long! This rag quilt method is really easy to DIY and you don't even have to know how to quilt! Perfect easy sewing project to save your precious memories / t-shirts!

30 Minute Two Sided Ironing Board Cover | FaveQuilts.com