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Texas horned lizard, Phrynosoma cornutum, is listed as threatened. They can have an intimidating appearance but are docile and gentle in nature. When feeling threatened, it flattens and freezes in place, trying to blend with the ground.

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Dangerous Snakes are Not Therapists

-Fluttershy- Look at this one friends! Isn't it great? -RD- It's so.... AWESOME!!!! -AJ- Its as green as a green apple! -Pinkie-I'veneverseenonebeforebutthisisthebestsnakeieversawbefore! -Rarity- Its fabulous! -Twilight- Oh ow, a problem here NO TREES!!!!

California Red-Sided Garter Snake The garter snake is a slightly venomous colubrid snake genus (Thamnophis) common across North America, ranging from the Alaskan Panhandle to Central America. It is the single most widely distributed genus of reptiles in North America[citation needed]. The garter snake is also the Massachusetts state reptile.

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Spring Color Trends As Inspired By Animals

even a snake can be called beautiful. Is not the color teal popular right now


Vivid Snake Photos Come at a Cost — A Bite From a Black Mamba

Rhinoceros viper (Bitis nasicornis) is a venomous viper species found in the forests of West and Central Africa. A big viper, it is known for its striking color pattern and has a distinctive set of two or three horn-like scales on the end of the nose, the front pair of which may be quite long. Large and stout, it ranges in total length (body + tail) from 72 to 107 cm.