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Lion King had so many awesome this one and the one where Simba gets whacked and asks "What was that for?" and the reply is, "Who cares, it is in the past!" The past is not the past until it is dealt with and laid to rest.

"My best friend and I are so hilarious. I feel bad for the people who don't get to listen to our conversations and enjoy the hilariousness." @Riley Moore Moore Moore Moore Sharp @Denise H. H. H. Thomas Cameron @Lucinda Freece Freece Freece Freece Harper

It’s better to look back on life and say: “I can’t believe I did that.” than to look back and say “I wish I did that.”

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How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. – Winnie the Pooh #goodbye Missing You: 22 Honest Quotes About Grief

Ladies 'Drunk on You & High on Summertime' Tank Top

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