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Kids Morning Routine Flash Cards Free Printable!

Make school mornings easier on everyone with these FREE Morning Routine Printable Cards

This women is a genius! A list of daily morning activities/tasks for the kids during summer break to keep their bodies and brains active and their house clean.

A slightly different twist on our work for hire board.

write a letter to your child on her first day of kindergarten (can do each year) give it to her at the end of senior year. -- I am so doing this!!!

Easy to make Morning Routine Posters, for smoother mornings with kids. (or for chores!!) Could also do with clothespins (write chore on one side of clothespins, on the other side put a small sticker or glue a small figure on it to be seen on the Done side when completed.)

Starting with age 5, have a family rule that your child makes their bed every day--and then don't fix their work. This post has 100+ ideas to help you tame the chaos in your home (and your life)--this is just one tip! These are really great tips for the whole house!!

Birthday Lunch!

Responsibility Board / Chore Chart I love the idea of daily deeds (unpaid expectations that come with being part of a household) and chores (extra jobs that children do earn money for completing). This system can be bought...but I'm sure I could DIY something similar.

50 AWESOME open ended questions that will help you get to know your kids better. Ex: What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Craft, Interrupted: Up and at 'Em Morning Schedule - with Printables!

Cute idea for my kids on school mornings.

Adjust to use as a sort of chore chart? Let him check off the items as he completes them. (Dry erase)

toddler craft fun

Kids routines - Bedtime

Dave Ramsey: teaching your kids how to manage money.