1974 ~ bell bottoms and platform shoes

1973 by retro-space on Flickr.

Cuffed bell bottoms... Oh The 70's

High waisted trousers 1972 -

1970s fashion. Long and short vests, and check the hats!

I must have that outfit on the right. Mod clothing from 1974.

Sears 1974 — dig those cuffs!

70's shoes....OMG! I hope these styles NEVER come back.

1974 fashion

80s fashion. This is so not realistic...we would have NEVER been seen with balloons.

1972 platform shoes

bell bottoms

retro 1970s novelty - I love you this much

1960s Kilts, sweaters and the required knee socks. I had several combinations.

Platform shoes of the 1970s

Record clubs

70s...loved my platforms then...would probably break my ankle on them today!

90s Fashion Moments. So accurate. Can't wait til 20 yrs from now looking back on photos from today and saying what on earth was I thinking?

1960 How I remember the matching sweaters and wool skirts we wore to school. Bobbi Brooks!