1974 ~ bell bottoms and platform shoes

1973 by retro-space on Flickr.

70's shoes....OMG! I hope these styles NEVER come back.

1972 - http://www.fashion-pictures.com

Cuffed bell bottoms... Oh The 70's

1970s fashion. Long and short vests, and check the hats!

1974 ~ I had an outfit almost exactly like the one on the left - right down to the shoes. I LOVED those shoes.

I must have that outfit on the right. Mod clothing from 1974.

Platform shoes - 1970s

Plaid leisure suits from 1974

Colleen Corby and Cay Sanderson for Sears, 1970.


Oh yes I remember them...

70's t-strap platform shoes!!

Bell Bottoms

1974..another brilliantly #cheezy ad

Cuffed Ankle Boots. Ok I'm actually going to buy these... So cute and affordable

1972 Sears Wish Book...quilted polyester bathrobes that you never wanted anyone to light a match around and super fluffy slippers