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    • Jessica Bosworth

      Haha! So true! This Sarah McLachlan commercial is sad. It's so sad watching all those poor animals! Makes you want to adopt them all.

    • Mary Pimenta

      This is so true...I hate Sarah McLachlan anyway...this makes me hate her more. Saving animals=great thing. Using pitiful pictures to get money=so sad.

    • Casey Presswood

      Haha. Sooo true! This Sarah McLachlan commercial is so sad. I always change the channel.

    • Alicia Zaehringer

      This is so true. I cry every time I see that damned commercial. Every single time.

    • Jenna Dowdal

      Man that is a true story, I hate when those damn commercials just pop up on ya!!

    • Michele King

      ....because ya can't help but cry when that damn commercial comes on.... So sad!

    • Sara Rocha

      So, so true. No matter how many times it comes on, I feel so sad and awful

    • Loyce Hardert

      Haha! So true, especially if its that time of the month. :p funny-stuff

    • Kaitlyn Young

      Hahhaha is it bad that I kinda giggle at these commercials? #sotrue

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