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  • Katie Martinovich

    Have you ever noticed that a sunset looks more beautiful when you share it with somebody that you care about?

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We're on our 2 person lounger, sipping wine, wrapped in each others arms & listening to The Gipsy Kinds. My IDEAL life!!

b+s reader, Natalie #serenityspot, Yattalunga: "I go to Yattalunga at the central coast which is on the Brisbane waters. We go every school holidays. It's our family holiday house. As soon as we get there, we go into relaxation mode, just sit and watch the water and beautiful sunsets."

Beaches are definately on my favorite places list (:

Percy Jackson, you better not die! and you better not let anyone else I love die either! Make Nico stay in Hades!!!

And Pinterest is helping me with my Tumblr