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She has over 600 pictures in her photo stream. I think I'm showing remarkable restraint, actually. By katiedaisy Katie Daisy

Pisces art print Astrology art print Zodiac art print Astrological sign art print 8x10

My patient's adult son has a black belt in karate, worked as a security guard for the Phoenix Suns and taught karate. I asked him if he could give me one self defense tip what it would be. He said, "Trust your instincts." We don't trust our intuition nearly enough!

I love when they feature very unique fish in a Pisces design! It gets boring seeing the same old little grey and blue fish everywhere.

The Pisces sign can go in one of two ways, and that is why both fishes swim opposite. The first fish decides to swim upstream, becoming successful with a little effort. The second fish decides to swim downstream, getting lost in their helpless feelings that they can't be successful. Both fishes are in constant battle to fight the current of life and keep swimming upstream.

Autun Cathedral Pisces the Fish, zodiac sign for February. Detail of archivolt above the west portal of Autun Cathedral, sculpted by Gislebertus around 1130.

ZodiacCity- Pisces. With their WHOLE HEART

HORÓSCOPO DO DIA 09 DE ABRIL por Marcelo Dalla Período de movimento e ação. Esteja aberto para mudanças, surpresas e situações inesperadas. Cultive a sensação de liberdade e prefira espaços amplos e abertos. Se pintar um convite de última hora, vale aceitar. Mercúrio segue em Áries, a comunicação pode e deve ser direta, franca e espontânea. Mas as palavras devem ser adocicadas com amor para não ferir o outro.

Pisces by ArtistHazzard by alt-couture on DeviantArt

Pisces Fishes 5X5 Art Print JP 0057 by JellyPrints on Etsy, $12.00