Jointed Cat Paper Doll

Hank the Cat Paper Doll 4 by FiveAndNineteen on Etsy

Rabbit paper doll

waShing cAts !!!

Paper doll DIY kit, paper puppet and free downloadable craft paper

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Critter Pocket Doll - Kinda obsessed with these

Origami cat

Free printable watercolor stationery | Craftberry Bush: Ohhh love this one. absolutely beautiful Easter clipart ideas

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Cat Dandy Portrait by Lisa Zador This dapper cat certainly is concerned with his appearance. His hat is always brushed and his tie straight. He is a gentleman and even counts mice among his friends. Painted in sepia tones this portrait gives the impression of being a vintage photograph for those who appreciate a good old fashioned cat portrait from yesteryear.

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Make your own Bear paper doll.

Paper Doll

Alice in Wonderland-- DIY Articulated Paper Doll Set-- White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat

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kokeshi dolls

Suki Paper Doll

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