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Love this. Almost makes me wish I had a paying job so I could put that lunchbox in a work fridge.

I'm laughing too hard at this

Omg! I've seen this picture so many times and I never got why it was funny! Wow I'm so stupid xD

Lol!!! I keep coming across this and I laugh way more than I should every time

My daily conversation with myself. The struggle is real, folks.

I really don't know how people take these "sexy" photos. I know that if I tried, I end up laughing hysterically and look like all the other people in this pin.

I can't stop laughing!!!!!! Stacie Garcia Annelise Turner Kristina Turner Jackie Mustafa

I would do this...I am always leaving stuff on the back burner which gets hot if the oven is on. I left the diaper bag, milk, etc...i generally catch it before its too bad though haha.

Obligatory first re-pin, dedicated to anyone with an arachnophobic spouse or family member ;-)

Very funny and factual!! Love this whole series especially the end. Recliners are very dangerous for ferrets and I do get a little paranoid about using them when the 'furkids' are running about... :-) Safety first! Check before lifting and lowering recliners around ferrets!