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  • LaTonya Claiborne

    My media teacher preached this in high school, but to quote him more precisely he said "You have to KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid."

  • V Cast

    Keep it simple. | Quotes | Life Lesson | Wisdom |

  • Kimberly Delia

    Thought for the day.

  • Terri G

    keep it simple by Masha of Ornamelle (my mantra: KISS) font

  • Side Street Style

    Keep it simple - perfectly said - how you should live life, inspiring quote

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Great philosophy. Sadly, I am poor. Thus mine is: eat sufficiently, fart frequently. What can I say? Reality stinks.

make a scrapbook for your kids with different quotes or things you want them to doing this!

Remember the little things that can make a person smile, a picnic, a movie, or just time together can be just as wonderful as the big things you plan...

Sunday, 2-19-12 hot tea, CBS Sunday Morning, PostSecret, Facebook peek, laundromat postponed :), Lanes, rotisserie chicken over charcoal, painting framed, Secret Life of Bees, lemonade cake, painting hung,good book,art journal, hot tea, good night Sunday.

This is how I always feel... overwhelmed at first glance, but later everything works out. Just don't quit at once!

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