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  • Rachel Stelmach

    Blue skies in a green wood

  • Dusti Watkins

    The Mystic Forest, Sintra, Portugal one of my girls would love to see this place

  • Elizabeth Godbold Nelson

    French blue, slate, light blue, black

  • Maita Tuason-Dublado

    #light #boy #nature #girl #green #brown #tree #photo #picture #grass #morning #night #evening #sunrise #sun #summer #spring #winter #asia #europe #america #australia #beauty #photographer #fun #fog #road #wood #animal #pose #people #thin #fashion #art #gallery #flower #bush

  • Jo Jo Skye

    FANFIC TIME, GRIMMLINS! Hehe, just had an idea and figured I'd run with it. A little different that what I usually do, so don't make fun. ;p This one has Jared AND Teague in it. Ooh, exciting right? ;) Here goes nothing! ********* JARED POV: Jared slowly trudged down the forest path. It was muggy and humid. The air was permeated with a thick, early morning mist, making the overall mood heavy and dreary. How fitting. It reflected his mood all too accurately. Jared was upset. Not 'cry yourself to sleep' upset. But angry, cranky, sulking upset. Why, you might ask? Well, being completely ignored and avoided by the love of your life had that effect on the stubborn, (and a tad over-sensitive) Fae Prince. Jared was more than seven centuries old, but he, unfortunately, still very much had the mind, body, and needs of a teenage boy. And what he needed from Mina was her love and affection (among other things). But apparently, she wasn't getting the memo. Jared's expression darkened with bitterness when he recalled that night with the Reaper weeks ago. Mina had.. she'd said she cared... she held his hand... she had gotten thrillingly close to him... The only time he'd ever had her that close was in the cave they slept in when he'd gotten them lost in the woods- and she hadn't even been awake at the time anyway- then when he tried to kiss her and was swiftly rejected in one quick breath. Or gasp, in his case. But that one night at the hospital had made him so giddy and hopeful. Jared honestly thought he had a real, fighting chance with Mina. That maybe she really did love him back. But.. but then HE had to come along and ruin everything! Jared scowled in hatred, remembering what that irritating, too-good-to-be-true, Brody Carmichael had done shamelessly, right in front of him. Hot fury coursed through Jared just recalling it. Mina had run across the parking lot before he could react. A second later, Brody ducked quickly out from under the caution tape and rushed to her, scooping Mina up effortlessly into his arms. Jared remembered the immediate anger and posessiveness that had burned through him at Carmichael's gall. Jared fully intended to stomp over and yank her out of the human's arms- a place he decided she certainly did not belong. But he was only halfway there when it had happened. Jared had a front row seat to seeing Brody pull Mina even closer to him and kiss her passionately. He'd tilted her head back and deepened the kiss. Jared watched Brody run his hand through Mina's beautiful, soft brown hair, and use the other to softly stroke her back. At that moment, Jared had wanted to kill him. The intense rage he felt build up in his chest was stronger than anything he'd felt in a long time. He might've actually ripped the human apart, were it not for what happened a moment later. Jared could only stare at Mina with a crushed expression as she responded almost eagerly to Brody's kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her fingers in his blonde hair. The pain that stabbed Jared's chest was almost unbearable. He felt like he couldn't breathe, and that some vital organ had just been pulverized and runover by a freight train. Jared honestly couldn't move, watching the girl he loved and the human he couldn't stand kiss like they were long lost lovers. He wanted to hurl. But he wanted Brody's unworthy human paws- and lips- off Mina more. Somehow managing to gather his composure, Jared stalked over to the happy couple and irritatedly interrupted their embrace. And from that point on, the night seemed to go downhill. He knew Mina had been badly hurt when the Story manipulated Brody and Nan into their coma-awakening kiss. Jared understood Mina's pain all too well, considering he'd gone through the same thing not fifteen minutes before. And Jared had hoped, if he could comfort her and be her shoulder to cry on, then maybe she might just fall for him and forget all about Brody entirely. He thought that when summer came, Mina would ask him to come over more, or want to at least hang out now that she knew about him and the book... but she hadn't summoned him even once. Jared stopped by her apartment every week or so, just to 'check up' on her. Truthfully, he wanted to go see her every day of the summer break, but hadn't wanted to come across as clingy or obsessive.. 'cause girls hated that, didn't they? But even when he had stopped by, Mina hadn't given him the slightest vibe that she wanted him around more. Jared- though it made him feel a bit pathetic- found himself lingering in her room or on her roof each time he saw her. Somewhere in his subconscious, he thought that if he waited just long enough, Mina would ask him to stay... but she never had. It was really getting to him. And it hurt. It became harder and harder as the weeks dragged on. Jared had spent most of those weeks at Ever's, but he rarely found himself enjoying it. Summer break was almost over, and he was more distant from Mina than he had been since the curse started. And it was truly making him cranky and bitter. Jared continued to stalk through the dense forest path angrily. He didn't know how long he'd been out, nor did he care. He did care, however, that Mina had ignored and avoided him for eight weeks, that she didn't want him near her, that she was still hung up on Brody Carmichael, that she didn't seem to like him no matter how hard he tried... and that he was hopelessly in love with her despite that anyway. Jared growled out in frustration and kicked a rotting log nearby, cursing loudly because he knew there was no one around to hear him. Or so he thought. Jared caught onto the sound of breaking twigs farther behind him with his enhanced hearing. Immediately presuming danger, he whipped out an army knife from his boot and readied himself into a fighting position. Jared been so deep in thought, he hadn't tried to listen to see if he was being followed or not. Stupid mistake. The loud, awkward crunching neared quickly, and a moment later, a short girl stumbled out from between a few bushes on the trail, nearly tripping and falling in the process. She looked down the path and caught sight of him,giving Jared a big smile when their eyes met. His heart stuttered in that achingly familiar way, but also with surprise and disbelief. Mina! What on Earth was she going out here? And in such.. in such a.. in a dress like that? Jared tried not to ogle her, and failed, as she hurried up the path to catch up with him. It was a sundress. At least, he thought it was. It might have beem a swimsuit cover-up. Nan had an indoor pool at her condo.. he suddenly recalled. Maybe that's where she had been. But the image of Mina walking around in nothing but a skimpy little bikini, or lying out on a towel for any guy who decided to take a stroll by to see burned into his mind. The temperature suddenly felt like it went up fifty degrees and Jared's throat became painfully dry. He needed water. Ice cold water, and lot's of it. "Hey!" Mina's bright, soothing voice jerked him out of his thoughts and forced him to once again drink in the sight of her. The 'dress' was thin and sleeveless, tying around her neck to hold up the front. The back was very low, and skirt of the garmment brushed gently against her thighs, which left plenty of leg showing. He'd never seen her in anything so short. Her soft, chesnut waves were held back by a red hair tie, and her skin was smooth and lightly bronzed by the summer sun. And so impossibly soft looking... The urge to suddenly reach out and caress the baby-soft skin was nearly too much for Jared's self control. He was just barely able to keep himself in check so he didn't humiliate himself in front of her. Barely. She looked up at him almost expectantly, those giant maple eyes blinking curiously. Her petite nose had just the smallest, cutest little spray of golden freckles, and her lips were slightly parted, plump and moist. Jared felt like his knees were turning to putty, with his thoughts scattering a million different directions, in every way encompassing her. Why did she do this to him! And by the stars, why on Earth would she decide to wear that thing and prance around him in it? She had to know the effect it- the effect she was having on him. "What are you doing here?" He found himself demanding, coming across a lot colder and harsher than he intended- or wanted. The way most things sounded coming from him when they talked. Jared hated that... but his stony demeanor kept her from seeing the raw, needy, madly in love little heart underneath. And at times he was greatful for that. "I just wanted to see you." Mina told him softly, a sweet little smile on her tasty looking lips as she drew closer to him. "I've really missed you this summer." Jared's dark brows rose at this. He had to force down the wave of giddiness at her words, and remind himself that he was supposed to be mad at her. She'd been igoring him with the cool, uneffected manner of an experienced ice queen. He was hurt still. "Oh, yeah. Right. I could really see you were missing me by the charming way you denied my existence for two months." Jared snapped in reply, feeling the sting of her rejection haunt him again. She frowned for a moment, causing her little brows to scrunch together as she bit those soft, rosy lips of hers... which made him wish he could be pulling them between his teeth, nipping at them instead. She had moved very close to him without him realizing it. Dang it. It would be ten times harder keeping himself from grinning stupidly now and making a big fool of himself because of her almost intoxicating nearness. "I really didn't know what to say to you, Jared. I get nervous when I'm around you. My chest gets all... fluttery." Mina answered softly, gazing up at him through her thick, dark lashes. Oh crap. His heart skipped a beat, then began pumping again at a frenzied pace. Pull yourself together, idiot. Jared forced himself to clear his throat and step backwards. "Oh really? Well, you certainly have a funny way of showing it." He said aloud, though longing to close the distance between them and tell her that she was the one who made HIS chest fluttery. Mina didn't even flinch at his harsh tone. She wound a chesnut curl around her petite little finger and smiled mischeviously. "Why don't you let me come over there and show you the right way, then?" She told him, looking significantly less innocent than before. Actually, the look in her eyes made Jared feel very... hot, all of a sudden. He didn't get to reply, because Mina stepped forward and grabbed a handful of his shirt, yanking him towards her and smashing his lips against hers. Oh my freaking g- "Mmmhmmm." He moaned against her mouth. The sudden sensation of her delicate, soft lips claiming his so agressively made him see stars. All the times he had imagined this moment didn't even begin to compare to the real thing. She raked both her small hands through his thick hair, tracing tantalizing patterns over his buzzing scalp. Jared instinctively placed his hands on her waist, gripping her firmly and tugging her form even closer to his. Her lips moved hungrily- messily- over his as she pressed herself harder against him. Oh... He roughly grabbed her hair and pulled on it; she opened her mouth for him welcomingly in response. His tongue tangled with hers as they backed up against the big oak behind them. Any logical reasoning he may have had flew out the door as soon as he had her pushed against the tree. It felt like her body was compressed onto his, and he didn't mind one bit. Jared pressed harder and ran his hands almost frantically over her small form, exploring in ways he'd never dreamed Mina would ever allow him to do. He couldn't believe this was really happening. Mina moved her hands from his shoulders to his head, immediately raking her fingers through his hair again, much rougher this time. It felt so good, Jared thought he might die. Were he a cat, this would be the point where he'd start to purr. Her soft little fingers seductively ran down from his hair to the side of his face, caressing his jaw. He shivered, but didn't unlock his lips from hers. He didn't want to pull back, even for air, if it meant there was a chance Mina might stop or draw away. But, surprising him at her abruptness, Mina jerked back for a moment; long enough for him to groan, displeased with the loss. She giggled lightly at him and whispered, "Shhhh.." Jared gasped when, instead of returning to his mouth, her lips made contact with his throat. Her moist kisses quickly turned into agressive little nips. He thought he was going to fall over from partial shock at the feeling. He could hardly believe that Mina- his Grimm- was being so forward and.. well, dominant. His thoughts hardly made sense to him, however, since they were whirling and spinning at a hundred miles an hour. She turned her attention to his jaw and made her way up. He shuddered, never before had he experienced something like this so intensely with another person. "M-Mina.." he moaned, without meaning to. He couldn't help it. He hadn't expected her to bite the sensitive part of his earlobe. This was just un-freaking-real. He heard her giggle again, softly against his cheek as she lightly kissed it. "Oh, Jared.." she whispered, her warm breath teasing his flaming, sensitive ear. He sucked in a breath and buried his face in her soft hair, breathing her in. Her light giggle grew into a loud chuckle. "OH, Jared, you are TOO easy." She finished, her tone becoming sharp. I'm.. I'm too.. easy? Huh? He wrinkled his brow and pulled back, "Wait, what?" He managed, befuddled. When he saw her face, he almost yelled in shock. Her doe eyes had turned inky black, the deep color dripping out of her sockets, staining her now ash-colored skin. "WHAT THE-" He cried, leaping back from her- it- whatever the thing was. Her withering lips twisted up in a frightening, cruel smile. "TOO EASY..." It chanted with a breaking, rusting voice, sounding like a heavy smoker, rather than Mina's gentle lilt. Suddenly, the creature began to fall apart, like a zombie in a b-rated horror movie. The parts individually evaporated into polluted-looking, night-colored mist, shooting away, impossibly fast, into the shadows of the trail... The woods were empty and silent againt, the only noise being Jared's heavy, horrified panting as he sat, sprawled onto the ground where he had fallen at the thing's departure. That is, until the entire forest was suddenly filled with loud, hysterical laughter that certainly was not his own. He jerked up, jumping to his feet. Jared whipped his head around, still out of it, but trying to detect who was out there with him. That question was answered a moment later. "OH MOTHER OF FATE!" The voice gasped between gales of laughter. Jared whirled around, his eyes landing on the shaking, hunched over form who found his situation so amusing. His eyes narrowed in recognition and his gut twisted with hatred and anger. "TEAGUE!" Jared growled in fury. His brother only continued to laugh infuriatingly as he strolled over. "OH, Jared, Jared, Jared.. bravo! You took the bait. Hook, line, and sinker!" Teague chortled, wiping his eyes before pulling himself together partly. Jared stepped back, confused and stunned. "Wha- what?" He barely managed, trying to wrap his head around what had just happened. One minute he was- or he thought- he was kissing Mina, and the next...? Teague snorted loudly, giving Jared an 'are you kidding me' smirk. "REALLY, brother, you'd think you'd know an enhanced illusion when you saw one. Or, heh, kissed one, in your case." He snickered. Jared's eyebrows nearly rose to his hairline. "What!?" He hollered. Teague just grinned evilly and circled his prey. "Yes, Jared, an illusion." He repeated slowly, like he was talking to a second-grader. "And, hehehe, I cannot wait to tell Mina that you were molesting an enchantment of her in the forest." He mocked giddily. The tomato red color that covered Jared's skin from the base of his neck to the roots of his hair, along with his gaping, horrified expression, made the whole endeavor totally worth it, Teague decided. Jared sputtered several times before he could formulate a semi-intelligent response. "I- I'm not- I wasn't - I didn't molest anyone!" He finally shouted, both outraged and mortified at once. Teague let out a condescending, bark of a laugh. "Oh, please, Jared. If you were paying any attention to our tutors back home when we were children, you'd know that illusions have no free will. They simply say what you want to hear. And, of course, DO what you want them to do. If you know what I mean." Teague grinned suggestively with a sick, taunting gleam in his eyes. Jared scowled and clenched his jaw, his face only reddening further. "And, as I'm sure you already know, dear brother, forcibly kissing, touching, and-or fondling another without consent is, in fact, considered molestation in the human realm. Mina will just love all the gory details. I can't wait." Teague finished, smiling like a psychopath who just won the lottery. Jared paled visibly. "You wouldn't- don't - don't you dare!" He snarled defensively. But inside he felt ill. If Teague told Mina..... the guy was a master of embellishment and twisting the truth. He could make Mina think Jared had been trying to use her.. force her.. oh, for fate's sake! Teague could convince Mina that Jared made magical illusions of her body to use for his own sick desires in the woods. Jared facepalmed and moaned in disgust. He would very likely die of embarassment if Mina knew. Teague only chuckled and shook his head in mock-pity. "Oh, don't look so down, brother. You got your seven minutes in Heaven, did you not? You should be thanking me, really." This only earned him and sneer of hatred from Jared. "And, honestly, you brought this on yourself. I mean, did you really think Mina would come traipsing through the forest, dressed in a bathing suit cover up and sandals, then just throw herself at you? I was under the impression you were a bit smarter than that. I suppose not, though." He taunted. Jared gritted his teeth and refused to answer, to Teague's great disappointment. He did so love baiting his hot-headed other half. He stepped back lazily and laughed softly. "Another time then, brother. Don't worry, I'll make sure to tell Mina you said hi." Teague continued, pleased when Jared glared up at him sharply. "Ironic, isnt it? That I've spent more time this summer with your dream girl than you have. Pity. She is such lovely company after all." His words had the desired effect. Jared growled in fury and grabbed a big rock off the ground, sending it flying at Teague. But, not surprisingly, the Dark Prince was already gone... ** Teague couldn't help but snicker in glee as he reentered his plane, sweeping through the palace halls. Tormenting his weak brother was too much fun! He felt like a kid on Christmas. Heh heh, poor Jared. Teague didn't even have to tell Mina about the incident in the woods. At least, not yet. It would be so much more amusing to hold it over Jared's head like a huge stone, constantly threatening to use it. Jared would dread facing Mina all summer. Ceaselessly, anxiously, wondering if she knew what he'd done. Teague let out a loud, harsh laugh. Man, it was days like this where he just really loved being the bad guy... ** Back on the trail, Jared angrily trudged down the path, towards the highway. He loudly cursed his own stupidity, his good for nothing hormones, and a certain, unbeloved Fae Royal. Animals scattered away from Jared's wrath. He yelled out at the sky in frustration, perfectly aware that some particular Fates were likely listening. Good, he thought. They were to blame for everything anyway! Worthless, meddling- *BOOM* The sky errupted, thunder crashed above him. He was pelted with an icy rainshower a moment later. Apparently they did hear him quite well. Fan-freaking-tastic. It was official, then. His life completely sucked. ****** Hehe, that was fun! I liked writing this one. My longest one yet, I believe. I've never written a make-out scene before. O.o It was a new experience, fosho. But, after months of observing Madaleine, I think I got them down. ;p Not sure if I'm embarassed or proud of myself. ^_^ *shrug* Please read & review!! :)

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