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Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: I'm on a diet, so you can buy me diamonds for Valentine's Day.



Remember when......

Onesie "That awkward moment when..." @Allison Yetto Buchanan lol!

And always, always get your kids the gifts they asked for. | 23 Ways To Celebrate Christmas Like A Dad

Sure is glitter...

ok...maybe a lottle, but I ♥ Jesus!


Funny Sign Cost of Ammo Gun Man Cave Garage Humorous Metal or Plastic | eBay

I'm wearing this to work every Friday.

I don't know why I do that


Love me some Criminal Minds!


Happens all the time

No sense of humor

It's Not Swagger I'm Just Sore


I wish retail therapy was covered by my health insurance #CRGirlTalk #RetailTherapy

No. It's not

Tru Dat!