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Obviously not sheep, but I totally need some Angora goats on my fiber farm! Even if the idea of shearing these guys make my head hurt. ready for their 6 monthly shearing #goatvet

Don't Worry, Don't Despair. Everyone Has A Different #Struggle. Mine For Example, Is With My #Hair! #Quotes By:CarlTheMuse

Tell me I am wrong when I say these freakin things guard the gates of hell!! Then let me tell you how wrong you are!!! HOLY CRAP!

why did the chicken get ran over when he tried to cross the road?????? he couldn't see the car coming

Good to know! If your dog gets all upset during a storm, it is more than likely due to static build up in his coat. Take a dyer sheet & rub him down.

This one is for Stacey. - Christina Preston (My BFF pinned this for me). She knows me and my hair too well!!! Lol..