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My next tattoo...I am a member of the ASPCA...This is for all the innocent animals who were treated with cruelty...This is for my dog that just passed away from cancer..

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infinity heart tattoo by tasi meleah (Great for any pet!!!) My dogs are my family ..Thor and Odin who passed are getting inked on me maybe thier portraits..god i love the ones I had to give back to God and My hunter who I have had since 8 weeks old ,he has saved my life from utter ruin..TRUTH!!! people have failed me but he has always been true to me..thanks be to God..

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Animal love-how cute would this be with your dogs actual paw print

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I like the way this is drawn

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A memorial paw print tattoo for all dogs who have brought love and joy to our lives... and for cai who joined the angels far too early. #tattoo #memorial #pets #paw print tattoo

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I love her/I love him. I love this font.

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Tattoo by Julie Hamilton #tattoo #ink

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They leave paw prints on our heart <3

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small dog tattoos for women - Google Search

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Paw Print Tattoo Sketch Photo: This Photo was uploaded by soopavillainx. Find other Paw Print Tattoo Sketch pictures and photos or upload your own with ...

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"We only part to meet again"

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I want this one to tattoo on my ring finger when I get married. I think I want to change the words to initials as well.

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Inspirational Tattoo, Absolutely Love It! I really want this saying!

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Accept what is, Let go of what was, And have faith in what will be. <3 I love this tattoo <3


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This is could put whatever you want instead of the dog paws! ;)

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My memorial paw prints tattoo for my three childhood cats, the last of whom passed away in November 2013. Also a representation of my life-long love for animals and past, current, and future work with fosters.