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Help those less fortunate - volunteer for or donate to a reputable cause!

Doctors without borders a wonderful group of physicians who give of their time to help the less fortunate and disadvantaged- Here you see a doctor in Sudan with a precious child

the more we take//the less we become.//the fortune of one that means less for some.

Help those less fortunate (even if they seem so big and strong)

We need to help others that are less fortunate. This breaks my heart.

The reward of volunteering


..Can you see me?..

young people serving the lord | Helping the Less Fortunate: Serving the Lord | Inspirational Christian ...

Do something to help -- Always!

Statistics on homelessness in the US and abroad. Don't hide from the truth. When you see a need, HELP.


People Helping Animals

One of our furry volunteers - part of the #RedCross pet therapy program.

New Grants to Help Homeless Teens.

Repin this and a donation will be made to help global hunger.

grateful for all the ups and downs that help me grow

Aren't Christians not supposed to judge or look down upon those less fortunate than themselves? Aren't they even supposed to help them if and whenever possible? I guess the Christian Right are exempt from those things…

Helping someone else is the quickest path to good feelings.

"Helping Others" has far reaching effects and can make a difference for many generations.

If you desire greater happiness – help others – and happiness will be your reward.