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Statistics on homelessness in the US and abroad. Don't hide from the truth. When you see a need, HELP.

GIVING some of your time back to the community around you is as simple as delivering a meal to a community member in need.

Dauson Stimpson-Gagnonfrom Dauson Stimpson-Gagnon

April 25th 2013

Aren't Christians not supposed to judge or look down upon those less fortunate than themselves? Aren't they even supposed to help them if and whenever possible? I guess the Christian Right are exempt from those things…

Dog Quotes Golden Retriever Print A friend is someone who helps you up when your down... via Etsy

35 Ways to Help the Homeless - Struck by personal tragedies, the people in shelters across America have lost their homes and been deserted by family and friends. What can you do to help them? Sometimes the smallest actions can go a long way.