*Dried Hydrangea

*Seed Pod (by skatepunk)

elhamzh: “ bretlangford: Artist: Bret Langford, Photo Taken: 12/10/2005. Palos Verdes California. ”

Poppy skeleton.

dandelion close-up - have children find and sketch 5 things outside that are interesting under the magnifying glass. #macro #photography #nature via @illumaglass


Perfection of nature

'Lanterns for Autumn,' Chinese Lantern Plant (Physalis alkekengi) | Anita Nowinska, on Flickr.

Sycamore seeds become mini helicopters. What fun we have with them :) (They look like maple seed pods/wings to me; or they are amazingly similar!)

Sarracenia Seed Pod by RCO911, via Flickr

Seed Pod

Jimson Weed ( ? ) by vmburkhardt

Spring - young gorse flower and #Beautiful Flowers| http://beautiful-flowers-collections-712.lemoncoin.org

flower macro...Bess Hamiti

Snap Dragon Seed Pod (Antirrhinum) From 23 Rare Flowers That Look Almost Nothing Like Flowers. Skull flower pods.

Poppy pods

it's time to go - cas lad

I love poppy flowers and poppy pods. This photo has a meloncholy "end of gardening season" feeling about it.

seed pods