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SEED PODS: Nature's treasure......I have some dried up poppy seeds pods I want to experiment with and incorporate into mix media arts some how. It would make either a interesting organic stamp or paint and alter into an embellishment??

Breathtaking work. | Artist: Bret Langford, Photo Taken: 12/10/2005. Palos Verdes California. Bean?

navy blue flower gardens | ... flowers :) garden gardening pretty cool fashion design flower

dandelion close-up - have children find and sketch 5 things outside that are interesting under the magnifying glass. #macro #photography #nature via @illumaglass

I love these..I called them Japanese lanterns...My Grandmom had them lining her driveway,but I can't find them in any nursery...any hints for me??

blue bells-growin' kinda wild, growin' kinda free, growin' kinda beautiful wanting me to see