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Giant Eagle Owl is the largest owl found in southern Africa. The pink eyelids are diagnostic. Favours broadleafed woodland, savanna and thornveld. Sometimes even seen in suburbia. Seen

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Closeup of a Barred Owl — We have a pair who live in our woods. They make the craziest sounds, often sounding like monkeys!

Owls are interesting. A group of owls is called a Parliament of Owls. Why do we find them wise?

"If homeless cats could talk, they would probably say, give me shelter, food, companionship, and love, and I'll be yours for life." --Susan Easterly

I think Kelly often feels like the middle owl when Tony and I are around.

Amazing wildlife - Barn Owls photo #owls

I may have "gone green" but I'm still thinkin' chocolate!

Thirsty squirrel drinking condensation on house window - (CC)David Grant (seizethedave) -