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How to Make Your Stainless Steel Sink Sparkle - Gotta give this a try!

How to clean stainless steel sink:How to clean stainless steel sink: -1)Sprinkle lemon juice 2) Sprinkle baking soda and spray with Vinegar spray 3)Scrub and then Rinse well 4)Wipe dry, then rub with mineral/olive or baby oil to shine.... see video

Get those gross burner pans looking like new!! It's SO easy, no scrubbing necessary!

The "miracle" of baking soda and peroxide. Put 1/4 cup of baking soda in a bowl.....add enough peroxide to make a paste. Rub on with fingers or sponge. Cleans EVERYTHING! Stove, oven, pans, stainless steel applicances, even the white handles of the refrig door.

Cleaning tip: How to use vinegar and baking soda to remove hard water stains from your toilet bowl.

The Most *Sparkling* Method to Clean Your Stainless Steel Sink

How to really clean stainless steel

tip and Trick for cleaning the gunky faucets and shower heads without much elbow grease and homemade cleaning solution. Makes the faucets clean and shiny, even in the deep crevices. Love cleaning hacks like this to make my life easier.

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Naturally Maid Cleaning: How to Clean an Oven Naturally

Borax & Lemon Juice = Shiny Sink

Make your Stainless Shine

how to keep shower doors clean - use RainX to repell water! Genius!

How to clean a stainless steel grill, mr. Clean outdoor pro cleaner

I love these fab tips for getting smeary stainless steel all shiney in seconds without any fancy products ...

How to Clean Stainless Steel

Granite (or any counter-top) shine/cleaner ~ Take a spray bottle, fill it about 1/8th full with rubbing alcohol, add a drop of Dawn dish washing soap, a few drops of scented oil (optional, but makes it smell so good), fill the rest of the way with water, shake together, and you’re good to go! It makes your granite (or any counter-top) shine and feel so smooth at a fraction of the price


Natural Cleaner vs "Natural Cleaner" / Commercial cleaning products aren't required to list the ingredients they use (even if they're dangerous!) because it's considered a proprietary mixture. Remember to read the ingredients before purchasing! / #ecofriendly #cleaning #home #house #mom #nontoxic

How to clean your glass cooktop using baking soda and water