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yes, I'm not very good at this, or sucking up. I prefer genuine over fake.

This perfectly describes me.  #Libra

This perfectly describes me, except the part of about grudges. I just can't hold 'em.

# 24  ~~   OOOOoooohhhh!  You mean they don't have to make sense?  And we can just ENJOY them?  Wow!

Oh goodness! I was starting to think something was wrong with me but I see that its kinda how I'm wired. But I am determined to sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of it!


When a Libra's anger blows (which happens when saved up for too long), it's not a pretty sight.

that explains the children that have been following me around... haha. jk, no really i'm not.

Children love Libras and are drawn to them. They are also suckers for kids too as long as they aren't spoiled brats. Ever so true. My children absolutely adore me. And I'm a kindergarten teacher :)

Fun facts about your sign here

I'm not to much about the zodiac thing, but according to it I'm a libra and this is so true.gah lol HAHAHA thats me EVERY SINGEL TIME!

dont be rude.

The Best Zodiac Facts

If that's true it would explain why I'm having some issues wanting to spend time with certain friends right now. Keep your rudeness to yourself because seriously.who gives a flying donkey.

True that, man. All the time and I usually do something wrong...

I do love some of these. helps me to see who I really am and that its not just "me". I guess most Libra's are this way. The scales are involved all the time. its usually a struggle between heart/mind, and again doing the right thing.

Libra Cheers libra!

I delight in these individuals images - thanks a lot for revealing - Libra Cheers libra!


Why do I have to care so much about bringing harmony to a group? Lol (speaking from my bachelorette vegas trip)


Libra Zodiac Typography Art Print print by MursBlanc. that's us libra's for you.