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This summer I will...stay up as late as I can and soak up every moment of this Summer of 2013.

I love watching fireworks on those warm summer nights. Tonight and Saturday, let's do SUMMER NIGHTS (or evenings).

living in a country with no sea, this is like heaven

"Do you want to go to the seaside? I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go I fell in love at the seaside She handled her charm with time." (Seaside by The Kooks)

Weekend Ready!!

Road trip tips for bringing your dog with you! Awesome stuff, even websites to find dog parks and pet friendly places!

Beach and sand! ((*Myrtle Beach*:: That is one of the reasons we love this place so much..  You can't walk out the door in a place like Orlando, etc. w/out spending lots of money.  (trust me! been there, done that--a cpl times!) but in MB, you can spend the day @ the *BEACH* w/ *FAMILY* and not spend lots of money and still have TONS of fun!!... Perfect:):)...))

Cheers to beach hair, tan skin, flip flops and sandy toes, and a great place to try your favorite yoga move!

Love summer

Give me Summer. I'm tired of drama and fighting with people I thought would be there for me I just want to be free from homework. I want to spend every waking moment at the beach and make it the best summer ever

Idek why i wanted it to be fall or winter! what is wrong with me?!

Is it SUMMER yet? (25 photos)