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I can't decide if this is awesome or creepy. Suckling Piggy USB Drive // haha! #productdesign

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I need to do this for my son's Birthday, He would love it! (but different colors obviously)

Cool gadget :) dude I need these, like, all the time :P More at #tech #atechpoint

Summer is over time to warm up! by TheBrickMan, via Flickr

A sweet Lego Christmas tree for my Lego loving niece... Brinley ; )

Sometimes I have stepped on so many legos I wanted to Scream...,but this by Marco Pece is awesome.

Lego Art ~ Schfio Factory (Schneider Cheung), "Lego Panda"

Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - Charging phones! angrymocha

Here are some kitchen gadgets you might want, but probably do not need.